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Amazing Travel Moments

It’s 50 years since the world’s first ATM was installed in Enfield, London – accepting radioactive cheques as payment and with a maximum payout of just £10!

Its offspring today are modern, multifunctional and convenient – and we all rely on them worldwide, including Antarctica! That’s why at Caxton, we LOVE ATMs – and why we don’t charge you to use ATMs abroad, albeit some overseas banks may do so.

But we also love another ATM – that Amazing Travel Moment! And it’s a lot more exciting than the original! So we’ve created our own ATM – Amazing Travel Moments – campaign and are inviting our customers, their friends and holiday makers to share and celebrate their ATMs!

ATM moments  

Whilst we’re on the subject, and to applaud the ATM, here’s some facts we’ve found intriguing from ATMs around the globe:  

  1. The second ATM was installed in Sweden, just a few weeks after the first ATM in London.  
  2. Somalia installed its very first in 2014, in a hotel in the capital of Mogadishu. 
  3. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce launched the world's first web-enabled ATM in 1997. 
  4. Average ATM withdrawal amount is $60. 
  5. Funniest story. A man stuck in the ATM  
  6. Non prepaid debit and general-purpose prepaid cards were used in 5.8 billion ATM withdrawals in the U.S., in 2015, according to the Federal Reserve Bank. 
  7. 280 new ATMs installed worldwide each day. 
  8. Guyana, Afghanistan, Laos, Iraq, Vietnam and Kazakhstan didn’t have ATMs until after 2004.
  9. Expected number of ATMs worldwide in 2021 is 4 million, according to RBR. 
  10. Nearest ATMs to the seven wonders of the world.


The Competition and How to Enter


What’s your Amazing Travel Moment (ATM)?  

Your child’s first swim in the holiday pool? When you climbed Mount Kilimanjaro? Or a sunset from your tent in Jordan?  

We’re giving away money on a Caxton Card each week through to September to three winners, of our favourite ATM. You can enter via public social media profiles, so we can see them, or send your video or photograph to us directly. Each week we’ll share them and invite you to choose those that resonate with you. 

1st Place: £100

2nd Place: £75

3rd Place: £50

To enter, make sure you use the hashtag #AmazingTravelMoments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or use the entry form below.

Check out some of our favourite Amazing Travel Moments and the winners.

See Competition Terms for rules.

Entry Form

To enter without using social media, please use the form below.

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