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How International Payments Work


Currency exchange can seem like a complicated process, with a range of products vying for your attention. Your dedicated Account Manager is on hand to help you find the payment option that’s right for you.

Step 1 - Buy your currency, we offer all of the major currencies. You can do it all online, or over the phone with one of our expert account managers.

Step 2 - Choose the right method for your payment. Discover the different options we offer to send money.



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With Caxton you could get as much as

€453 MORE

versus High Street banks when changing £10,000 euros.  

Figures calculated from 4 major UK banks when converting £10,000 into euros. Rates correct on 07/09/2017. 

Caxton has over 15 years of currency expertise, and our Account Managers are on hand to help you get the best from the turmoil in the market. 

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