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With great rates and no hidden fees, the Caxton Currency Card is an easier, cheaper and safer way to spend abroad.

At Caxton we make it easier and safer to spend your money abroad and save you money in the process. 


Load Currency

Load your Caxton card before or during your trip. Do it all using the Caxton app, via your online account or call us and we can do it for you

Hold Currency

Choose the currency you want and lock in a great exchange rate, as well as check balances and transactions, using the Caxton app

Real Time Rates

It doesn't matter where you land. We have the currency you need. Get access to real time exchange rates via your online account or the app

Get €78 more holiday money with a Caxton Card*

You could get up to €78 more when buying £1000 worth of euros with a Caxton Mastercard card compared to exchanging travel money at the airport.*

*Airport rates correct as of 10:00 on 02/11/2017 from selected airport travel exchanges including Gatwick South ICE, Heathrow Travelex, Luton Airport ICE and Stansted Airport MoneyCorp. Cost is equivalent to travel money purchased from the airport prior to travel versus spending on your Caxton card at the destination.

Average Total Savings versus selected airport travel exchanges = €78.48 on a total spend of £1000. With no hidden surcharges when spending abroad.

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Great company, excellent product - My Caxton card has been invaluable. It's a fantastic thing to have on your travels.

John Talbot, Caxton cardholder

Use Your Currency Card Globally

Spend across the globe quickly and easily with your card + app

Fee free shopping

Spend Safely

Our cards are accepted at over 35 million outlets worldwide, wherever you see the Mastercard sign and are ‘chip and PIN’ secure

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Spend Fee-Free

Use a Caxton card to pay in shops, hotels, restaurants and other outlets worldwide, free of charge

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Switch Currencies

Change currencies in minutes, before you travel, or whilst you're travelling. Do it all using the Caxton app or via your online account

Apply for your card today and have it within 3 - 5 days

  • Multiple currencies, one card
  • Use worldwide
  • Great rates
  • 0% commission
  • No overseas ATM fees
  • Delivered in 3 - 5 days

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We have compiled a list of common questions in our FAQ section

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