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Top tips when using your Caxton Card abroad

Our comprehensive FAQ's will provide you with more information.

Topping Up on the Caxton App

Using your Caxton Card at overseas ATMs

Registering via the Caxton App


What to look out for

  • Avoid using your card for

    Security deposits, automated petrol stations, toll booths, car rentals and hotel room deposits.

  • Security Deposits

    Use of your Caxton Card as a security deposit, can lead to funds being held in reserve, for up to 20 calendar days. This includes hotels, car hire, bicycle hire and deposits of all kinds. Use any other card for the security deposit and your Caxton Card when the actual payment is required.

  • Petrol Stations

    Although you can use your Caxton Card at automated petrol pumps, please be advised that an amount of €120-€500 may be held for up to 20 days on your card. The merchant should release the hold when settling the transaction and debiting the correct amount from your card.

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – Always choose local currency

    When using your Caxton Card to pay for goods, you often get the choice of paying in either euros /dollars or in sterling. Always choose the local currency. ATMs and retailers may give you the choice, and you might think that paying in sterling saves you money. It doesn't. If you pay in sterling the retailer converts your payment at their exchange rate and you lose out. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and could catch you out. Remember to check the screen before authorising transactions. If the value is shown in pounds - ask that it is changed.

  • Lock-in your currency rates

    If you need a specific currency, aside from sterling, you can buy at any time before you travel and ‘lock-in’ your rate, giving you peace of mind on your holiday - for a full list, see our available currencies. Take a back up card, in case of emergencies. It might be obvious, but look after your card - you might lose some or all of the funds on it if the card is lost. A good back-up plan is to take a secondary card and leave it in the hotel safe. That way, if your card does get lost or stolen, you can block it and use your back-up.

  • Using your Caxton Card in the USA

    For full advice on ATM usage, charges, car rental and securing your US dollar rates before you go read our Caxton USA Guide.

  • Can I use my card in the UK?

    You can use your card at ATMs and point of sale in the UK but a £1.50 fee will be applied to the transaction. Outside the UK, these fees do not apply.

  • What do I do in countries whose currency isn't available from Caxton?

    Preload your card with GBP (sterling) for those countries where we don't offer their local currency, e.g. Thailand. The exchange rate is applied at the time you make the transaction.

  • Your card is valid for 3 years

    Your Caxton card will be valid for 3 years from the date it is issued on cards issued from 2017. It will expire at the end of the month displayed on your card; if the expiry date on your card is 06/20, it means it will expire on the last working day of June 2020.

  • Overseas ATM fees and charges

    Caxton does not charge for overseas ATM withdrawals. However, the ATM owner may charge you a fee. This is not Caxton. E.g. Many ATMs in Thailand will charge usually 150 Thai Baht (about £3) for each ATM withdrawal. US banks often charge, but they normally inform you of this before you proceed. Unfortunately, if the ATM owner chooses to charge for a withdrawal, there is nothing we can do to prevent or refund this charge as it is not levied by Caxton.

    Many banks charge higher fees for international ATM withdrawals - either a flat rate (typically £1 - £6) or a set percentage of your total withdrawal (usually 1 - 3 percent). Because these small charges can add up quickly, you will probably want to withdraw larger amounts than you might normally do at home.

    For more specific details for using our Caxton Card in the USA, read our Guide to the USA

  • Pending Transactions

    A pending transaction occurs when we are still waiting for the merchant to bank or clear the transaction. The monetary balance show on your Caxton account will include this transaction, even if it remains pending.

    The merchant has up to 21 days to claim the funds. Only after 21 days, if the funds are not claimed, the money will go back into the account and the transaction will disappear. This will no longer show in your pending transactions.

    Sometimes, when a transaction has been cancelled the merchant does not always release the funds, and so it will still show as pending. If you have proof that this has been cancelled, please contact our Caxton Customer Services, and we will advise if we are able to release these funds on your behalf.

    NB. If you have transactions still pending, you will be unable to redeem or switch your balance.

Your common questions

    • Where can I use my Caxton Card?

      As a MasterCard®, your card is accepted at over 35 million outlets in 210 countries. Anywhere you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark. Here’s where to find the ATM’s accepted by MasterCard.

Can I use my card in the UK?

You can use your card at ATMs and point of sale in the UK. Please be aware that a £1.50 fee will be applied to the transaction. Outside the UK, these fees do not apply.

      • What do I do in countries where their currency isn't available from Caxton?

        For those countries where we don’t offer their local currency, simply pre-load your card with GBP (sterling). E.g. Venezuela, Cambodia and Thailand. A specific rate* is then applied at the time you make the transaction, or withdraw cash from a foreign ATM.

      • How do I check my balance?

        You can view your balance online or via the app for free. However, if you don’t have access to those, you can also view your balance at ATMs for a fee of £0.30.

      • How do I change my pin?

        You can change your PIN at most UK cash machines. But don't leave it until you're away - overseas cash machines won't allow you to do this. Some UK ATMs may tell you that you will be charged for this service - you won't be.

      • Using our Buy Back Guarantee

        If you’re anticipating that you may have money left over at the end of your trip, and don’t want to keep it on your card, you can get the same rate you paid for it with our Buy Back Guarantee.

      • Do I pay in local currency or GBP?

        This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). If a merchant gives you an option to pay in local currency or GBP (Sterling), then always choose the local currency e.g. euro’s/dollars. Otherwise, the merchant converts your payment at their exchange rate.

      • Secondary Cards for your family

        You can give your family or children access to your Caxton account with a secondary card. Once you’ve activated your card, you can apply for up to 6 cards. This costs £5 per card, and can be ordered once you’ve logged into your account.

Maximum card loads per 24 hours

You are able to load your card twice within a 24 hour period via the website. Once within a 24 hour period via the app. You can load up to £6,500 on to your Caxton Card.

      • Minimum card load

        We ask you to load more than £50 at a time.

      • Unblocking my card

        To unblock your card visit our contact page to call our currency card support team.

      • What are the ATM withdrawal limits on my card?

        2 ATM withdrawals in a 24 hour period. A maximum combined total of £300 per 24 hour period, or currency equivalent. Many frustrated travellers have walked away from ATMs thinking their cards were rejected, when actually they were asking for more cash in euros/dollars than their daily limit allowed. Please note that the ATM withdrawal is per card, if you have 2 cards in your wallet you could withdraw £600.00 in total.

        Be aware that many foreign ATMs have their own limits. If the ATM won’t let you withdraw your daily maximum, you’ll have to make several smaller withdrawals to get the amount you want. Note that few ATM receipts list the exchange rate, if you’re withdrawing from your GBP balance, and some machines don’t dispense receipts at all.

      • Finding an ATM

        If you’re looking for an ATM, ask for a distributeur in France, and a Bankomat just about everywhere else. Many European banks have their ATMs in a small entry lobby, which protects users from snoopers and bad weather. When the bank is closed, the door to this lobby may be locked. In this case, look for a credit-card-size slot next to the door. Simply insert or swipe your debit or credit card in this slot, and the door should automatically open.

        Use the MasterCard locator to find an ATM.

        Stick to Bank ATMs, as many third party ATMs aren’t affiliated with banks, often situated near major banks and labeled with names such as Travelex, Euronet, Moneybox, Cardpoint, and Cashzone. We suggest you avoid these because they might charge higher fees.

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