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Caxton FX have been helping independent schools and academies simplify the management of travel expenses incurred whilst overseas since 2002.

"Our teachers were relieved to have a Caxton card that took the stress out of carrying large sums of money on their trip. Paying for meals for a group of 20 was a breeze" - Finance Manager, Leading Independent School

Our Schools Card Team have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping over 300 independent schools, to better manage their expense management processes and allowing teachers to use a fuss free, easy and secure method to pay for group expenses and petty cash whilst abroad.

Caxton FX will ensure:

  • You account is opened quickly and cards issued within 5 working days
  • No fees or charges for your schools card programme
  • Ensure you get the best available currency rate

A leading independent boys school was recommended Caxton Cards by a Bursar at an annual Independent Schools Bursars Conference. Our independent school felt the need to reduce the expense reconciliation following an overseas sports trips.

The Caxton online account enables card administrators to view the teachers' expenses in real time and download copies easily and securely.

Journey Latin America is the UK’s number one specialist tour operator to Latin America. With tailor made holidays, journeys and packages throughout Central and South America, Journey Latin America found themselves with a constant requirement for US dollars for their tour leaders. Bo Lennartson, Finance Director, was previously relying on prepaid solutions for his employee’s travel expenses. Along with charges for international use, Bo found himself let down by a poor level of customer service, at which point he approached Caxton FX.

“One thing that attracted me to using the Caxton FX currency cards was their excellent level of customer service. We saw they had won numerous awards, and in the time we have been using them we have found this to be exactly as described.”

Along with dedicated Account Managers that handle the day to day running of the account, Caxton FX also provides insight into currency markets, further providing guidance on any currency purchases that are required.

“As opposed to constantly funding the currency cards whenever a tour leader required, Caxton FX suggested that hedging part of Journey Latin America’s travel expense requirement may be worthwhile, therefore reducing any risk of depreciation in the GBP/USD market when coming to load the cards.

“Being able to hedge part of my expense exposure was crucial when it comes to managing our currency risk and also being able to achieve the same rate constantly. As we have seen the market depreciate almost 10 cents since we hedged, this proved to be a highly successful decision.”

Caxton FX have been helping businesses of all sizes better manage and simplify the expenses associated with staff attending an overseas conference since 2002.

Our corporate cards team have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping  some of the largest and well known wealth management companies to send hundreds of their employees overseas on a regular basis.  The Caxton Cards enable our client to pre-buy a variety of currencies in advance when the rates are most favourable. The client is supported by an experienced team of specialists by email and telephone.

Caxton FX will ensure:

  • You account is opened quickly and cards issued within 5 working days
  • No fees or charges for your card programme
  • You receive the best available currency rate

A leading wealth management company have been using Caxton for a 3 years.  The Caxton Card programme enables the client to closely monitor their employees expenses in real time.  Additionally, the prepaid card feature which eliminates employee overspend gives finance managers peace of mind.

Our employees sometimes lose their receipts, so it’s a relief the Caxton card reporting enables us to more easily manage the expense reconciliation process.

Group Finance Director, A Leading Wealth Management Company

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